Safety First 

Are you new to using gas in your home?

Are you unsure about the condition of your existing gas installation?

Have you forgotten the last time a gas inspection was carried out?

A gas safety inspection allows you peace of mind knowing your gas installation is safe.  An inspection saves you money by ensuring your appliances are working efficiently and burning correctly.  Read More>>


Are you aware most gas installations require a Gas Safety and Compliance Certificate to be issued - this is important for insurance purposes.


GIC are an approved practitioner for 'Declaration of Compliance of Gas Appliances and Specified Fittings' and we are authorised to issue 'Endorsed Certifications under Regulation 57' 

Gas Safety & Measurement Regulations 2010 require certification for manufactured gas appliances that are imported into New Zealand. GIC are able to provide an Endorsement Certificate for up to a maximum of 21 gas appliances, imported into New Zealand per year.

GIC can issue Gas Compliance Certification for imported caravans, motor homes and boats - these are required to be entered into the WorkSafe High Risk data base.

We also specialise in gas installations and gas testing of mobile Coffee vans, caravans and food trucks.